Information About our Complete Do-It-Yourself Project Kits for Concrete Stone, Pavers, Tile and Brick, Business-in-a-Box Packages, and Commercial Business Packages and the Differences of each.

KITS versus PACKAGES... The main differences between our "Complete Do It Yourself Kits" and our larger concrete project mold PACKAGES, is the amount of product and number of molds included.  Supplies like mold release, concrete additive, concrete sealers, and concrete or cement color, and molds, included in the mould KIT or PACKAGE will vary in quantity.  Also, the Packages usually include our complete business start-up information and training course, bulk formulas, marketing training, etc.  The Packages are designed for making product to sell commercially to other people and outlets.

Our do-it-yourself concrete mold KITS are designed for the do-it-yourselfer, homeowner, crafts person, etc., who has a specific small to medium-sized project in mind.  Or maybe they want to try their hand at making stone, pavers, bricks, or tile on a smaller scale.  Or simply just want to save money.  Many customers purchase our mould KITS and PACKAGES as gifts for family members, their favorite do-it-yourselfer, handyman, or family member.  Or as a gift to themselves.  Regarding the spelling molds or moulds, it's just a matter of choice.  The spelling moulds is used more outside of the USA.

Our concrete "BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX" PACKAGES were designed more for the larger projects a handyman or handy woman might tackle around their home or garden, when they have multiple projects like driveway pavers, home siding, large patios, tile for floors, brick walls, and the like.  The other type of person purchasing our concrete PACKAGES are those who want to try making a number of different styles of concrete stone, concrete pavers, brick and tile as samples or small batches of different styles, with the intent of starting a business either part time or full time.  They want to get their feet wet, so to speak, before jumping in.  We also have many landscape contractors, building contractors, builders, etc., who want to make their own custom concrete products to set themselves apart from their competition.  Others have stated that it was to have ready access to what concrete products they need for their own use, or just to save money.  Many decorative concrete contractors offer stone and tile to their customers made with Olde World Stone & Tile molds.

Many of our customers, both purchasers of our concrete mold KITS and our mold PACKAGES, have gone on to start small, medium, and even large concrete stone, concrete pavers, or brick veneer, and tile businesses of their own.  Some have added to an existing cast concrete business.  Further information about starting a commercial concrete stone, paver, brick, or tile business is at our Business Opportunity website. You may also visit our BIZ-OP page on this website.



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Below are just a few examples of the different styles, sizes, and prices of D-I-Y Kits available in our Store. There are many more available in each mold style.
"CLICK" on the Photos for Discriptions of these and other Kits available in that category.
All Kits Include Stated Supplies, Instructions, Support, and Free Shipping Within the Continental USA.

SS-1818-SL-4X - (18"x18") Slate Steppingstone Kit w/4 Molds.

1310-6 (13"x13") Chiseled Stone Tile Kit w/6 Molds & Supplies 

1222-6 (12"x12") Hexagon Tile  Slate Kit w/6 Molds & Supplies 

1200-6 (12"x12") Octagon Tile 
  Kit w/6 Molds & Supplies 

1100-6 (12"x12") Olde Country
Tile Kit w/6 Molds & Supplies 

CS-0606-20 (6"x6") Cobblestone 
  Kit w/20 Molds & Supplies 

#ODL-05 Ledgstone Veneer
Stone Mold Kit w/16 Molds & Supplies  $199.95

#OAF-01 Fieldstone - Stone Mold Kit w/10 Molds & Supplies  $199.95

#OKL-01 Kentucky Limestone
Mold Kit w/9 Molds & Supplies

#ODF-02 Flat-Face Stackstone 
Mold Kit w/15 Molds & Supplies  $199.95

#OOR-03 Ocoee River Rock 
Mold Kit w/12 Molds & Supplies  $199.95

#CS-0010-01 Castle Stone Mold Kit w/29 Assorted Molds & Supplies - (10 Square Feet) - $159.95

SS-2424B-01 (25"x25"x2.5") English Flower Steppingstone Kit w/1 Mold - $179.95

SS-2222-03 (22.5"x22.5"x3") Celtic Knot Steppingstone Kit
w/2+1 Free Molds - $259.95

CS-1818-06  (18"x18"x1.5") 
Slate Steppingstone Kit w/6 Molds - $299.95

CS-0404-24 Cobblestone Kit
with 24 (4"x4"x1.5") Molds &
Supplies - $169.95

CS-0406-24 Cobblestone Kit w/24 (4"x6"x1.5") Molds & Supplies $188.95

P-0882-18 Cobblestone Paver Kit w/18 each 8"x8"x2.5" Molds & Supplies - $186.95

P-0972-12 (8.5"x5.5"x2.5") Paver
Kit w/12 Molds & Supplies 

P-0662-18 (6"x6"x2.5") Smooth Cobble Paver Kit w/18 Molds & Supplies - $219.95

P-0992-12 - 8.5"x8.5"x2.5" Octagon Driveway Paver Kit w/12 Molds & Supplies - $217.95

P-0962-12 (9"x6"x2.5") KeyHole
Paver Kit w/12 Molds & Supplies  $179.95

GS-0004-01 Giant Fieldstone 
Mold Kit w/4 Molds & Supplies (Your Choice) - $279.95

#0925-21 (4"x8"x.5") Subway Tile Brick Veneer Kit w/21 
Molds & Supplies - $179.95

P-0481-24 (4"x8"x1.5") Brick Patio Paver Kit w/24 Molds & Supplies - $189.95

#0924-30 (2.25"x8"x.5") Narrow Brick Veneer Kit w/30 Molds & Supplies - $199.95

#0923-30 (4"x8"x.5") Wide Brick Veneer Kit w/30 Molds & Supplies - $199.95

CS-0010-01 - Castle Stone 10 Sq. Foot Assorted Mold Kit w/29 
Molds & Supplies - $269.95

CS-1212-06 - Castle Stone Mold
 Kit w/6 - 1.5" Thick Molds & Supplies - $269.95

(All Castle Stone Molds are 1.5" Deep)

CS-1818-06 - Castle Stone Mold
 Kit = 5+1 Free 1.5" Thick
 Molds & Supplies - $309.95

CS-1000-01 - Castle Stone Wall Cap Kit w/6 - 10" Wide x 1.5" Thick Molds & Supplies - $169.95