Concrete Garden Edging and Other Garden Molds

This customer of ours in Canada poured hundreds of our #GE-7000 Thick Garden Edging stones to have better control when  cutting the grass in their beautiful yard. They saved thousands of dollars versus purchasing the stones at retail.

#GE-7000 Garden Edging Mold Set (.093 Extra-Thick ABS) 
Some examples of plain concrete stones made with the molds.

Easy stacking of the GE-7000 Set makes a fast mid-height edging between paving and the raised planting areas next to driveway.

#GE-8000 Garden Edging Mold
Set ideal for a thinner edging.

#GE-7092 Garden Edging - 7"x9"x2.5" Curved Mold.
$12.99 each

#GE-7172 Garden Edging - 7"x17"x2.5" Curved Mold.
$19.99 each

#GE-7102 Garden Edging - 7.5"x10"x2.5" Straight Mold.
$14.99 each

#GE-7212 Garden Edging - 7.5"x21"x2.5" Straight Mold.
$21.99 each

Four-mold Set - $69.95 with Free Shipping

6-Mold Set - $49.99 Free Shipping

NOTE: Molds are cut from sheet for ease of use and shipping.

SS-2424-A Victorian Feather  Mold - (24.5"x 24.5"x 2.75")
$69.95 each

SS-2424-B English Flower  Mold - (24.75"x 24.75"x 2.5")
$69.95 each

SS-2222 Celtic Knot Mold (22.5"x 22.5"x 3")
$69.95 each

SS-1000 Tropical Leaf Mold  (18"x 18"x1.5")
$29.95 each

SS-1818-CD Castilion Mold  (18"x18"x2.25")
$39.95 each

SS-1818-SLA Slate Mold  (18.5"x18.5"x1.75")
$39.95 each

CS-1818-01 Castle Stone Mold
$39.99 each

SS-BF Butterfly Mold  (18"x18"x2.25")
$39.95 each