Tile and Thick Paver Designs Available in the Opus Romano, French Versailles, 
Roman Romano, and Rome Opus Patterns

We will use the name "Opus Romano" in our description and marketing material to help prevent name pattern confusion.

The Opus Romano tile mold pattern is a classic tile pattern used throughout the ages to achieve the desired layout shown in the photos and illustrations on this page. The actual sizes can vary, but are always relative to each other in the size percentages as illustrated. The illustrations and photos here start with our 8"x8" tiles, and progress from there.

We have come across three different patterns that seem to be considered Opus Romano Patterns. Two are square, recurring patterns that are made up with either three or four different tile sizes. The three sizes we have illustrated are in our Wind Swept Tile molds and are 8"x8", 8"x16", and 16"x16". The four-tile pattern also includes a 16"x24" Wind Swept tile mold, with all molds being 3/4" deep. 

There is what many consider the "true" Opus Romano tile pattern that includes four different sizes, and while recurring, the design also fits or interlocks inside itself--- like a puzzle. This makes the pattern transitions indistinguishable as to where the pattern starts and where it finishes. The pattern flows as random tiles inter-woven within itself. Some people refer to this pattern as a French Versailles floor pattern, Roman Romano, Rome Opus, and other similar names. The pattern sizes are normally made by starting with either 6"x6" or 8"x8" tiles. The "six inch pattern" then proceeds to 6"x12', 12"x12" and then 12"x18". The "8 inch pattern" proceeds from 8"x8" to 8"x16", 16"x16", then 16"x24". The 8" base set is illustrated below in a stained and antiqued Terra Cotta base color.

This tile and stone pattern has always been popular in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean where Travertine, marble, or granite have been mostly used for flooring and walls. Recently though, there have been other materials used to make these shapes and sizes for the Opus Romano pattern. Most notably are concrete tiles and cement pavers that are becoming very popular both for their unlimited color possibilities, as well as their cost savings, range of applications, and availability. And now Olde World Stone offers instructions to turn just about any concrete product made into a Travertine finish through a simple technique on the Training and Instructions website. 

Thus, we at Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc. have created two new "products" in the Opus Romano pattern. One is a slip resistant tile with the face texture of a rough sea or field of wheat. We named the style "Wind Swept". It is illustrated in the photos below.

The second product was actually the result of a customer's custom order request. They desired an extra thick, smooth, Driveway Paver that would handle the weight of an RV (recreational vehicle) load. They wanted it in a 6" Opus Romano format pattern. So we created a 3" thick Driveway Paver for them in the four 6" sizes needed to make the Opus Romano Pattern. (6"x6", 6"x12",12"x12", and 12"x18") 

One of the many benefits we offer our customers is our ability to design and make new molds, so they can make their own stone products with our molds. And the molds do not have to be poured "full" unless that is the thickness desired. Thus, the 3" thick Driveway Paver Mold can be poured as thin as 1/2" thick if a "tile" were needed. Or they can be poured to 1-1/2" thick if a Patio Paver were needed. And all of those sizes can come from the same mold.  

Both of these styles of the Opus Romano Pattern have vertical sides and fairly sharp corners and edges, unlike most concrete tiles that have pillow or rounded edges. This allows installation with very minimal grout lines, and they may even be installed without grout between the tiles on walls or floors to allow a more uniform appearance. The thick Pavers have a slightly more rounded edge and wider space between them  than the tile. But as is evident in the "Wind Swept" wall tile photos below, there are no grout lines showing.  

WS-0808 Wind Swept Tile
8"x8"x.75" costs - $4.99 each.

"Wind Swept" - Our New Slip-Resistant Texture, Three-Quarter-inch Thick Cement Tile

Wind Swept is our newest tile design and is reminiscent of a wind-blown rough sea or field of wheat. The sizes on this page were created to be used when designing and installing a wall or floor in the Opus Romano tile pattern. The "Wind Swept" design was created to be a slip-resistant tile and results from the heavy texture on the face of each tile. It is still comfortable to walk on though when used on floors, and can be used for exterior installations like around pools and other wet locations.

WS-0816 Wind Swept Tile in
8"x16"x.75" costs $9.99 each.

WS-1616 Wind Swept Tile in
16"x16"x.75" costs $19.99 each.

WS-1624 Wind Swept Tile in
16"x24"x.75" costs $29.99 each.

The new three-inch thick "Placid" Paver face texture is as the name implies... smooth and flat. It offers sizes to make the Opus Romano patterns for driveways, patios, floors, or walls. It is available in a 6" Module, meaning that the smallest, or base module, is 6"x6" in size. The paver mold part numbers are: P-06063 = 6"x6"x3", P-06123 = 6"x12"x3", P-12123 = 12"x12"x3", and P-12183 = 12"x18"x3". They are also available in full pour sets and D-I-Y KITS to make up the designs shown below.

Placid - Our Thick Driveway Paver Mold Sets and D-I-Y Kits Consist of 3-Inch Deep, Smooth Molds

WS-1048-OR Wind Swept Tile Set consists of one of each size and costs $64.95.  The 3-Mold Pattern Set is available for $39.95 and excludes the 16"x24" Mold. The 3-Mold Pattern is illustrated in the photos below. 

8"x8" Wind Swept Tiles in plaster, stained blue and green. Above is painted with Terra Cotta paint prior to antique being applied resulting in tile sets above.   

Above is a 4-Mold Pattern installation using Wind Swept plaster tiles painted with a Terra Cotta paint and stained with a dark oak stain antique. 

Here is a close-up example of the WS-1038 three-mold Wind Swept Tile Mold set made with plaster and finished the same way as the installation on the left.

4-size Opus Romano Pattern.

4-size Opus Romano pattern using Chocolate Brown, White and Umber Dusting Colors.

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"Tumbled" Travertine Opus Romano Pavers - (Not grouted between stones).

"Tumbled" Travertine Opus Romano Pavers Grouted White